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This four star comfortable hotel is conveniently located close to all the major attractions. Enjoy comfort, superior service and all the amenities you would expect from this top secret hotel, the name of which will be revealed upon booking.

The Local Area

This hotel is conveniently located so you can visit all the attractions Sydney has to offer with ease from the number one attraction, Sydney Harbour to the iconic  Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is famously known to the locals as the “coat hanger”; stop at the pylon lookout where you can see the history of this magnificent bridge.

Sydney’s Targona Zoo is always a highlight on any trip to this beautiful city. The zoo sits on the hill sloping down towards the harbour and while there are a range of great animals to visit, including the kangaroo, it’s the panoramic views you enjoy from here that is awe inspiring.

If holidaying in the summer time, be sure to visit the Open Air Cinema at the Royal Botanical Gardens. The advantage is that if the movie isn’t to your taste you can take in the magnificent sights with the opera house and harbour bridge just behind you.

Of course a trip to Sydney would not be complete without visiting the famous Bondi Beach. Stretches of sand, blue waters and restaurants are just a few of the things you get to enjoy in Bondi.

Sydney is also alive with fun and colourful markets; there is a choice of super art galleries and museums, where you can soak up the history and culture of the area.

The top museums to visit include the Australian Museum, The Discovery Museum, Powerhouse Museum and the Bondi Shark Museum.

For a little bit of tranquillity, awe inspiring architecture and beauty, be sure to stop by the Chinese Garden of Friendship, located on the south of Darling Harbour, a few steps from Chinatown. Here you will love the beautifully landscaped gardens with their drooping willow trees, water falls, sculptures and water features filled with brightly coloured Koi fish.

Fort Denison is another major attraction within easy distance from your top secret hotel. This is a fort that was built on a tiny island to protect Sydney Harbour. There is a regular ferry and you can enjoy the history of this fort with a tour, have some lunch at the café or take your own picnic along and just gaze at Sydney from a different angle.


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