You’d be hard-pressed to find a better, lovelier, more modern or more affordable option for accommodation in town than this Florence boutique hotel. The incredible Italian city is known for its high prices on hotels, as well as for its rich history; however, this hotel proves you that you can find cheaper options, breakfast included, and enjoy a very modern atmosphere, right at the heart of Florence. This special deal comes with an impressive historic center location. Everything you might want to visit in Florence is a stone throw away, from the Accademia Gallery, to the top shopping venues in town, to all the main sights.

Aside from its contemporary design, the hotel comes with all the amenities: it’s got concierge service, air conditioning, high speed internet, and mini-bars. There is also a lobby bar downstairs, and you can ask the staff at the reception to book theater tickets for you and the rest of your party. It’s got a bike rental facility and a fitness center, too. All in all, the Florence boutique hotel in question is perfect for young travelers and especially for couples looking to explore and experience the atmosphere of the city in style.

Our top picks in the local area

For families

Head on down to the Orto Botanico together with your family, in order to enjoy a perfect day at the heart of nature. History lovers will bask in the glory of this superbly appointed green area, while the little ones can play about at will.

For romance

Your best bet for a night of wooing when staying at this Florence boutique hotel is either one of the two major theaters nearby. Check out the schedule and then book tickets for you and your loved one, either at the Teatro del Sale or the Teatro Comunale Florence.

For culture

All the main sights in Florence are very close to this Florence boutique hotel, so you can visit them at leisure: the Ponte Vecchio, Basilica of Santa Croce and Basilica of Santa Maria Novella will enthrall you with their art and architecture.

For shopping

The hotel is situated very close to Florence’s main shopping area, so, while malls are not a presence, it will be easy to find just the shop or store to cater to your tourist shopping whims.

For eating out

The historic center of Florence is a foodie’s paradise, with plenty of restaurants all around. However, if you choose to stay at this particular Florence boutique hotel, you should check out Enoteca Pinchiorri, for their amazing selection of wines.

For nightlife

Twice Club is located very close to your Florence boutique hotel – but consider yourself warned. Waiting times can be quite long and the place is very popular with American tourists.


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