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Located in the hip Trastevere area of Rome, this comfortable and contemporary four star hotel is also well connected to Rome’s extensive public transport network making getting into the heart of the city centre near to tourist sites and attractions a cinch.  Trastevere has a great reputation locally as a trendy nightspot and is positively heaving with bars and restaurants in which you can soak up some of that famous Roman atmosphere.

All the guest rooms in this hotel feature a balcony, an en suite bathroom, internet connection and mini bar.  In addition, this establishment offers first class business suites with meeting rooms, conference centres and board rooms.  The general hotel facilities include a 24 hour reception, parking in the hotel garage, free lobby internet and valet laundry facilities.

Our top picks close to this hotel

For families

Kids of all ages will be mesmerised by the sheer scale and size of The Colosseum and also be awe struck by its gloriously gory history.  This ancient and simply splendid monument and arena built to celebrate the glory of Rome cannot fail to impress anyone.

For romance

Any romantics in Rome make a beeline for the luminous Trevi Fountain, which is even more enchanting at night than it is in the daytime. Make sure you and your other half throw a coin into the fountain for good luck. For your wish to come true, you should toss the coin over your shoulder with your back to the fountain. Legend has it that those who do so are guaranteed a return trip back to Rome – maybe on a honeymoon or special anniversary………

For culture

The current St Peter’s Basilica was consecrated on 18 November 1626 by Urban VIII – exactly 1,300 years after the consecration of the first basilica on the site.  With mosaics, sculptures, stained glass and art to rival any museum this staggering building is an extraordinary piece of Baroque design.  Any pilgrims to this sacred site usually head straight for the last pilaster on the right before the main altar, to kiss the big toe of Arnolfo da Cambio’s brass statue of St Peter, which is now smooth and worn from the pious lips which have kissed it over the years.

For shopping

Ai Monasteri is a quirky shop which is great to head to  to stock up on preserves, honey, liqueurs and a wide variety of culinary oddities including a sacred elixir of life, created by monks in monasteries stretching across the length and breadth of Italy.

For eating out

Da Ivo is open from dusk until dawn and is always busy.  This eatery is always packed with locals, tourists and sports fan who come here for the excellent pizza, trattoria menu and supportive pro Roma atmosphere when this famous local football club plays a match!  With a coveted outdoor seating area where you can take a while to watch interesting late night party folk, this is one excellent all rounder, and all at great wallet friendly prices.

For nightlife

Cul de Sac is a fabulous wine bar located close to one of Rome’s classical squares; this place also serves great cheese and meat boards to help the wine go down.