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As an amazing and historic four star hotel located near the Vatican, a room at this secret hotel will not disappoint.  Approximately 2 miles away from the noise and bustle of the city centre and around 1.8 miles from St Peters Basilica this comfortable and contemporary hotel has been carefully decorated in a manner which is in total harmony with the old, high ceilings and antique, romantic ambience contained within its old walls.   For an urban hotel it has the pleasant addition of a garden and parking. The friendly concierge is well informed and can help you with all manner of services.

All the hotel guest rooms feature air conditioning, cable TV, an en suite bathroom, minibar and telephone and represent great value for money in this expensive, unforgettable city.

Our top picks close to this hotel

For families

The echoes of history can still practically be heard within the towering magnificence of The Coliseum. It is simply one of the most awe inspiring and jaw dropping sights you will ever see. Kids will love to hear the tales of ancient happenings that took place within this monument of epic proportions.  Just remember to leave out any really gory details for younger children!  

For romance

For years, lovers have visited the Trevi Fountain and hopefully thrown in a coin hoping for a lifetime of love and to return to Rome together.  The fountain itself is an extravagant display of spouting piscine scenes carved from smooth, cold travertine.  Find yourself a spot, hold hands and people watch.

For culture

Every Wednesday, his holiness The Pope gives audience within the Sala Nervi an audience hall at the Vatican. While you can expect to join throngs of devotees and tourists, it still manages to be a touching experience in this eternal place.

For shopping

The quirky and individual boutique centre of Arsenale is the place to find bohemian and pre loved clothes.  A designer’s delight, the window displays in this place are actually quite unbelievable at times.

For eating out

Forget fancy restaurants and expensive meals.  Rome is all about the gelato and nowhere does it better than Il Gelato di San Crispino.  This place never, ever disappoints and the flavours change as the seasons do.  Expect your tub to be piled high with sweetly scented, pastel coloured and tasty gelato. A heavenly, three pronged sensory attack on your taste, smell and sight.

For nightlife

Stay up until late o’ clock at Etabli.  This fashionable and cosy place is where all the trendy young night owls head for some late night gossip and drinks in an ambient atmosphere where chandeliers and storytelling chairs abound.


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